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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Time to Look More Natural and Fuller with Breast Implants

What is Breast Enlargement and Who Can Have It Done?

Breasts are one of the most important elements of beauty and self-confidence for women.However in adolescence they may not reach a sufficient size or dimension or they may shrink or loose consistency and volume due to pregnancies, breast feeding, ageing, weight gain or weight loss and may also droop. In such cases breast augmentation surgery is applied to those who wish to have their breast volume, fullness, uplift and vitality back. It is a safe procedure to implement and is one of the top frequently performed aesthetic procedures in the world. Its results are also one of the most satisfactory ones in cosmetic surgery.

Silicone Breast Implants 

The healthiest and most commonly used method of breast enlargement in the world is the one where silicone breast implants is used for breast enlargement. . The İmplants consists of a silicon sheath and a silicon in cohesive jel within the sheath.  The ones structured from cohesive jells are the latest technology silicon implants. It is also the type I use with utmost confidence as it does not spread to the body even if the sheath becomes damaged. These implants are anatomic or round shaped and are different sizes and fullness and because of this they are fully compatibility with the breast and body shape of the patient. These İmplants also have quality and warranty documents. Many of the İmplants are FDA approved and CE certified and lifelong warranties are also issued by their manufacturers. At the end of the operation I always give my patient the guarantee certificate of the implants I implant into them for their lifelong retention.

Can implants Be Used to Uplift Saggy Breasts?

With implants implant a fuller breast is achieved and also a slight uplift. However, for this procedure the breasts need to be slightly sagged. In the event of a prominent sagging, breast uplifting procedure will also be needed during the breast enlargement operation.

First Consultation and Deciding on the Shape and Size of the Implants.

After the initial chat about their concerns the consultation progresses in stages as follows:

Stage1: Information gathering

  • Details of past medical history is asked and noted
  • Details of the breast sizes wanted is asked and noted

Stage 2: Physical examination

  • Full breast examination for any masses
  • Examination and Assessment of general skin quality, body and breast skin thickness, breast tissue volume and breast diameter and to determine whether the nipple has sagged and also to see the extent of (if any) loose breast skin.
  • Shoulder, waist, hip and rib cage measurements (for determining breast implants size.

Stage 3: Determination Stage

  • With the help of a number of appliances I take measurements and determine the position of where the nipple should be, the existence/level of sagginess, what size implants is appropriate, what fullness the implants should be and the type of implants best suitable for the patient.

Stage 4: Working with the Patient to explore possibilities

  • Keeping in mind the needs and expectation of the Patient, I tell the patient the most appropriate and suitable sizes for them
  • Carry out implants rehearsals in front of the mirror with rehearsal implants (sizers) placed in unsupported and unpadded bras to get an idea of the new potential look and have fun in the process.

What Sizes Will My Breasts Be?

One of the most important issues from patients who will have breast augmentation is deciding on the size of the new breasts.  Patients who apply for aesthetic breast augmentation surgery often have difficulty describing the size of the breast they want to get and often give bra size or body size.

The aesthetic surgeon must understand the needs of the patient correctly, must listen to their expectations, calculate the body and breast dimensions and chose the breast implant silicon size suitable to the body measurements of the patient.

During my examinations and keeping in mind the needs and expectation of the Patient I tell the patient the most appropriate and suitable sizes for them after extensive physical examination of the breast and the body. I also carry out implants rehearsals in front of the mirror using rehearsal İmplants (sizers) placed in unsupported and unpadded bras to get an idea of the new potential look and have fun in the process. I then take the rehearsal selected size implants together with smaller and larger sized ones into the operating room in a fully sterile condition. During the surgery I put the sizer implants in first to see if the desired shape and size is achieved and if it is not I then try the smaller or the larger sizes.   This way I have the opportunity to decide the size of the implants appropriate to my patient’s expectation before the operation. After making sure of the size I want then open the sterile packaging of the original silicon implants of the same size and implant it into the patient. Hence, as a result of the measurements taken, evaluations made and with the aid of the sizer rehearsalimplants the most correct decision is made in regard to the shape and the size of the implants.

Incision Location PreferenceIn Breast Augmentation Procedure

There are several surgical methods and different incision locations in breast augmentation.  Together with the patient we will make our preferences during the examination stage.  The incisions may be made by the nipple, beneath the breast fold area or under the armpit. The most commonly used and my favourite one is where the incision is made beneath the breast on the fold area. When standing up this incision scarring is almost invisible and is preferred by the patient as this area is covered by underwear and clothes.

To make the incisions on the nipple it is required the nipple to be at a certain diameter and since the mammary glands and milk ducts are cut during the surgery this method is not preferred by women who has not gave birth before.  Another reason why this method is not preferred that much is due to bad post scarring in comparison and the risk of sensation loss.  Underarm incision is the rarest method.  Despite the fact this was very popular at one stage for providing the advantage of not leaving any scarring on the breast itself the operation area is very difficult to observe and during the summer month when the patients wear swimming clothing and T shirts the dark coloured symmetrical under the armpits are visible and are difficult to hide.  Although the incision scarring fade away during the course of the months it is possible to accelerate this process with the aid of assistive methods such as laser or the use of creams.  If the breast uplift procedure will also be implemented a small incision may be made around nipple area to beneath the breast.

Where Wıll the Breast Enlargement Silicon be Placed?

The silicon breast implants may be placed underneath the breast tissue (sub glandular), underneath the muscle membrane (sub facial) or in the cavity prepared beneath the breast muscle (pectoralis major), in other words under the muscle (sub muscle). In addition to these it is also possible to place the silicon in part beneath the breast tissue and in part beneath the muscle tissue – under what we call ‘dual plan’. I prefer under muscle, dual plan or subfacial implantation methods depending on patients’ condition.

Can I Breastfeed After the Operation?

You can easily breastfeed after your breast enlargement operation because the breast tissue and milk ducts are protected. Many of my patients have never encountered problems during breastfeeding or after. You do not have to remove your implants because of pregnancy.

Operation Day

The operation usually takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the state of the asymmetry. It is performed under general anaesthesia in a hospital environment.  The patient may be discharged on the same day or the day after.  We make this decision together with the patient and base it on the general condition of the patient and their wishes. Following the procedure a small dressing is applied to the breasts and a special made bra corset is worn. This corset is requested to be worn for a duration of one month.

Will I have a lot of pain?

Patients are most worried about post op pain. As I work meticulously and without damaging the tissue during the surgery and due to the fact of applying long acting local anaesthesia to the operation area at the end of the surgery the feeling of pain by the patient is highly reduced. Because of this my patients have a more comfortable post op period with the use of basic painkillers only. As the breast adaptation to the implants completes on the first or the second day of the surgery the pain will almost be gone by then.

After the Surgery

1: You will be discharged on the same day or the day after

2: You can have a bath on the 2nd or the 3rd day

3: You will be advised to use a high pillow while sleeping for 2 to 3 days. There will be oedema in the breast for about a week which will decrease and disappear within a month. During this process the breasts will become soft and natural.

4: As self-absorbing stitches are applied no stich removal will be required.

5: You will need to use any prescription given as directed as its proper use is highly important

6: You will be asked to implement vitamin C rich diet (salads, lemons, kiwi etc.) which is extremely important in wound healing.

7: You will be asked to wear your special corset for a full month.

8: You will be able to go back to your daily routine after 3 to 4 days.

9: You will be able to take walks and do light exercises 2 weeks after the surgery. Running and heavy exercises can be started one month after the surgery and on the condition they are increased very gradually.

10: It will take about a month for the breasts to take shape and for the swelling to go down and about a year to become soft and natural.

11: You will be recommended to massage the breasts frequently in a special technique shown to you on the 10th day of your operation by me.

12:  The surgical incisions will fade over time and will become almost invisible in 6 months to a year. A more rapid fade with the aid of recommended methods and jells will be possible.

The purpose of a breast augmentation surgery is to get natural and fuller looking breasts, which is always achieved at the end of each surgery.  In general, aesthetic breast enlargement surgery results are achieved immediately after the operation and the excellent rapid results are very thrilling for the patients to see thus making it one of the most popular procedures among patients. In order to obtain a good result the surgery must be performed by an experienced aesthetic surgeon. The İmplants available today are guaranteed for a lifetime so they do not need to be replaced.  Pregnancies and breastfeeding are also possible with implants implants.

Is breast enlargement without surgery healthy?

I do not prefer the use of synthetic (hyaluronic acid) filler materials or the fat injection method as these can prevent breast cancer screening or early diagnosis and in terms of their other side effects. In addition to this, contrary to the advertisements where it is claimed that certain appliances and creams enlarge and/or uplift the breasts does not have any benefits at all.

For Patients from Abroad / Overseas​:

We provide airport, bus station and hotel transfer services and daily city tours to our guests/patients. It is very important for the health of the patient to stay under our treatment and observation for 3 nights and getting well before going. They can be accommodated in one of our contracted hotels and take mini tours during this time at reasonable prices if they so wish.

2022 Breast Enlargement Prices

Breast enlargement prices depends on the health of the patient, the shape of the silicone implants to be used (round or drop), if an uplift procedure is to be carried out and the hospital where the surgery will be performed. You will need to be examined in order to get the correct cost of your breast enlargement procedure.

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Of course, the first thing we recommend to our patient who refer to us for breast augmentation is the silicone ones. This use of this procedure in breast enlargement is highly popular throughout the world. Breast enlargement surgeries made with fat injections have also become very popular in recent years. However in terms of health gold standard, breast enlargement method is still the one with silicone breast implants.

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