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Eyelid Aesthetic

Eyelid Aesthetic

Get a natural, more vigorous and rejuvenated look with eyelid aesthetics

Our eyes are the most striking features of our face and reveal our health, soul and body health.  As time progresses the eyebrows and forehead skin lose their elasticity and pulled by gravity sag towards the eyelids. The excess skin layers of the eyelids, the fine mimic lines around the eyes and the dark circles around the eyes show us older then we are and also give us a more tired, unhappy and unhealthy appearance.

Some genetic factors, smoking and alcohol use, irregular sleeping patterns and various organ disorders causes the eye frame membrane structure to loose strength and the fat tissue layer surrounding the eye to become weak- resulting in the weak tissue to shift from its original place to form the “bag” effect.

Loosening and sagging of the upper eyelid skin can cause narrowing of the eye opening restricting the visual field of the patient which can result in difficulties in seeing and looking.  In situations such as these the patients lift their forehead muscles unintentionally more and more creating deeper horizontal lines on the area.

All these are harbingers of news that aesthetic touches are now needed around the eyes.

In addition to these, some patients develop yellow plaques called “xantalesma” in the inner parts of the eyelids and around the eyes which are caused by genetic factors or high cholesterol levels. The only solution of xantalesma is to have it removed. Your eyelid aesthetics can also be performed during the xantalesma removal.

Eyelid Aesthetic (Blepharoplasty) is one of the most sought after aesthetic surgeries due to non-problematic and short recovery period and also because it offers instant youthful and healthier appearance.

Eyelid surgery can be combined with brow lift, face lift, face and neck lift operation in one session to rejuvenate the face holistically

What will I need to do before my operation?

  • Stop smoking at least 7 days before your operation schedule date.
  • Stop taking blood thinning medications and herbal teas 7 days before your scheduled operation date.

Eyelid surgery anaesthesia types

Upper eyelid surgery is a short, painless operation and it is performed under local anaesthesia and with the support of sedation. The patient can return home immediately, rest for a few days and continue daily routine thereafter.

Upper and lower eyelid combined operations take a little longer and is performed under general anaesthesia. However it can also be performed under local anaesthesia with sedation if so preferred. The anaesthesia method is determined by the requests of the patient, the general health condition and the technique to be applied.

Upper eyelid surgery performance for smooth and healthier eye structure:

  • Local anaesthesia is applied and waited a while to take effect.
  • Incisions are made on the pre op marked sections removing the excess skin and muscle layer.
  • Where necessary the herniated part of the fat layer, causing the “baggy” affect  is also removed
  • In order not to leave any scarring very fine self-absorbing stitches are applied on the exact curve fold of the eyelid where the incisions were made and the stitches are covered with thin bands.

Lower eyelid aesthetic (Lower Blepharoplsty) operation procedure

  • Local anaesthesia is applied and waited a while to take effect.
  • Incision is made approximately 2-3 mm below the eyelash line to reach below the muscle and skin layer.
  • If there are any bagginess – the septal membrane is opened and the excess fat, skin and, if necessary, a small amount of muscle tissue is removed – In recent years the trends of lower eyelid surgery has changed throughout the world where instead of removing muscle tissue it has become more popular to  seperate it. This is the method I use for more successful results. .
  • Dissolving fine stitches is applied on incision and are covered with special band

What can I expect after my surgery?

  • Applying cold compress around the eyes for the first 24-48 hours and lying on a high pillow will aid the healing process by reducing operation are bruising  and swelling
  • Because the eyelid is formed of a very thin skin, swelling occurs immediately after the operation and will go away in 3-5 days.
  • You will be required to attend post op check up on the 3rd day for wound care.
  • As self-absorbing stiches are used there will be no need to have them removed.
  • There may be bruising around the eyes for 5- 7 days- these may be covered up with makeup.
  • Operation traces will not be be visible after a month
  • The healing process is completed in 6 months.

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