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PRP treatment

PRP treatment

PRP, Renew Yourself with Your Own Stem Cell.

PRP is a skin regeneration process in which the platelets of the blood forming elements are separated, purified and re-introduced back into the skin again in order to benefit from the stem cell properties it carries. PRP is one of the most natural and healthy procedures which you can apply for yourself.

What Is the Purpose of Skin Regeneration with PRP?

It is to ensure the re-production, the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin structure, to re-structure skin which has lost its structure quality, to stimulate and renew the repair mechanisms.

What Can PRP Be Used For?

1: Skin renewal

2: Giving shine to the skin

3:Skin blemishes

4: Back of the hand rejuvenation

5: Wrinkle removal, reduction

6: Accelerating skin healing

7: Strengthening hair roots and preventing hair loss

8: Treating stretch marks

9: Scar reduction

10: Acne scar treatment

11: Strengthening hair follicles and nurturing after hair transplant

12: Loose skin rejuvenation

13: Orthopaedic problems

14: Other health problems.

Which Parts of The Body Can PRP be Used On?

  • Face
  • Under eyes
  • Neck and decollate
  • Back of the hand
  • Hair roots
  • Whole body region
  • Flabby areas

How Many Session is PRP?

PRP is applied in accordance to the requirements and the area to be treated. It consists of 3 to 5 sessions and is applied with 15 days apart each session.  In addition to this, a maintenance dose is given 6 months later in a single session completing the treatment. It is recommended that the treatment program be re-applied once a year.

Can PRP Be Combined With Other Applications?

We can apply PRP treatments together with Botox, fillers, chemical peelings, derma pen, derma roller and all other mesotherapy treatment applications. We will assess your skin requirements then plan and implement a treatment specifically tailored for your requirements.

How Is PRP Applied?

Your blood is placed into special tubes which contains growth factors within them. These tubes are then put into centrifugal appliance and are centrifuged with special methods. This process separates the serum and the plasma from the blood and the platelets containing the stem cells are transformed from growth factor content into rich plasma content. With special needle tips, the plasma is then injected into the skin using special techniques. A skin mask suitable for your skin is applied to complete the treatment.

Post PRP

PRP is an in clinic procedure and is completely painless. You can return to your daily life immediately. However, as you will be asked not to wash your face for 4-6 hours you may wish to have this procedure during the weekend or evenings.I apply this procedure to myself and do so mainly in the evenings.

When Can I See The Results of PRP?

You feel a tightness and softness ın your skin immediately after the procedure. The glow will also be visible immediately. These effects will increase day by day and as you look in the mirror you will become happier with each passing day. As PRP has tissue stimulating effect the effects of the procedure will increase over time and if the procedure is applied on a regular basis you will continue to have glowing fresh skin.

2022 PRP Prices

PRP 2022 Prices vary according to the area of ​​application and the number of sessions. You can contact us on +90 530 946 03 99 for information about prices specifically tailored to your requirements

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