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Face and Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift

This is a one of the most difficult operations of a plastic surgeon.  It is also one of the ones where a major transformation is achieved.  As we always say; Of course we will grow older but it is possible to plan a better aging and being the beauty of our age!

Our skin is the fabric of our body. With the influence of years and the effects of the gravity the skin starts to sag. At this stage usually our collagen production support is also lost. When you look in the mirror you appear to be tired and begin to see sagging and accumulations in certain regions. Some people may even look older than they actually are.This is a condition related to genetic predisposition and skin tone. But this is not a destiny! There are surgical solutions.

Face tightening procedures are especially effective for the cheek, jowl and the neck regions. The fat tissue balance, also called fat atrophy also decreases or disappears over time. Applying fat injections along with face stretching alleviates the sagging and also reinforces the reduced fat tissue. Likewise, the wrinkles around the eyes can also be eliminated.

Face tightening, face fat injections and eyelid operations see perfect results achieved through combined operations.

The incisions made in this operation are at the front and at the back of the ears and these marks fade away between 6 to 12 months after the operation becoming almost invisible.

If the sagging is not on the cheek area but is around the nose and beneath the eyes than the appropriate procedure is not face tightening but is mid face tightening. With this operation the loose mid face tissues are attached to the bones upwards. Thus an end result is achieved with success.

Face and neck tightening operations in the appropriate age groups are highly successful and are procedures where the patient’s appearance goes back by 10 to 15 years

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