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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

The latest trend in lip aesthetic: Dynamism in Striking and Fuller Lips

The concept of lip aesthetics has changed a lot in the last years in that where thinner lips were found to be more feminine and attractive in the past, fuller lips are now preferred.  although the thickness of our lips are genetically determined as our age progresses the lips gradually retract and begin to thin due to the deformations that occur in the bone and connective tissue structures. The definitive solution to those who wish to have fuller lips and for those who have lost volume in their lips is to have lip fillers.

Types of Lip fillers

It is possible to add desired volume to lips either with ready lip fillers (hyaluronic acid) or with your own fat tissues.

Which one is the best?

Both methods have advantages over each other.  We will decide which one to use together in front of the mirror during your examination stage.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Ready Filler advantages;

  • As it is already ready for application no extra body procedures are required
  • Using as much as we want we can add volume
  • Procedure takes 10-15 minutes and results are immediate.
  • The local anaesthesia agents in the ready filler hyaluronic acid provide extra comfort during operation.

Ready Filler disadvantages;

  • It must be reapplied on yearly basis- (a year is average time duration).
  • Since lips are high movement regions the fillers dissolve more rapidly than other face areas.
  • The contents of the ready-made fillers are synthetically prepared forms of the building block hyaluronic acid which forms the connective tissue of the mouth. They effects usually last a year. Additional materials are added to the hyaluronic acid or other hard and denser materials are used for longer lasting results which results in a less natural and unhealthy look.These types of long life fillers cause agglomeration, hardening and side effects over the course of time and are not used in our clinic for these reasons.  (The most ideal and healthy fillers are the temporary ones lasting around a year.  In Dr. Sema Özden’s clinic the only ready filler types used are the ones which are FDA approved, come in sterile packaging, is of a single use and warranty certificated- the registration documents of which are recoded in our clinic files and given to the patients. There are no allergic side effects of these due to their high quality content production. I also use world known filler products specially produced for lips.  )

Lip fillers Using Your Own Fat

Here, the whole materials are from you J. So there is no side effect and we can use as much as we want and it is totally permanent.These are the advantages of fat fillers. However,you may need to repeat the process a few times for lasting effects because, as we have mentioned before lips are high movement areas and it’s harder for the fat to attach itself to that region. Unfortunately we cannot know how much of the fat cell will stay alive and attach itself or how many sessions may be required before the operation.

In addition to this, this procedure takes longer then ready fillers by 10 to 15 minutes. This is because of the fat removal procedure and enriching it from root cells with Nano technology.

How do you envision your lips?

With more volume?

More Outlined?

More striking?

All of these are possible!

Will it suit me? What if it’s too exaggerated?

There is no need to worry at all! I am a doctor who believes in naturalism. We will choose what suits you the most together and carry out the procedure with 100 % guaranteed and healthy materials. During the procedure you will have a mirror in your hand and we will work together as to where and how much to add. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience.

Where exactly on the lips are the fillers applied to?

The lip filler can be applied inner layer of the red section of the lips, on the white contour line and filtral colons, in other words, virtually everywhere where we want to fill in volumetrically or figurally.

We will reshape your lips according to your wishes and in a manner suitable to your lip structure.

How is the procedure done? Is it painful? What do we do next?

  • We apply anaesthetic creams to your lips and wait 5-7 minutes. (If you want we can also apply local anaesthesia injections for complete numbness)
  • We then disinfect the lips and inject fillers to the pre-planned areas and shape them gently with fingertips.
  • Disinfectant is re- applied to protect the lips.
  • Cold compressors are applied to reduce swelling and the procedure is completed.
  • You will be advised to apply cold compression for the first 24 hours to help with any swelling.
  • You will be given 2 creams to apply at home for the following 3 days to prevent infections.
  • There will be slight swellings at first with their final and very natural shape settling in 3-4 days
  • You will be able to use lipstick on the first day.
  • You will be asked to come back for a check-up in 10 days.

Latest trend in fuller lips

Fuller lips have been indispensable in the aesthetic field in recent years. However, lips which are too thick, difficult to move during speech, unsuitable to the face and noticeable as such even from a distance by others is far removed from aesthetic appearance. To solve this problem the latest technology ready to use lip fillers have been developed.  These fillers are totally dynamic, they move with you when you talk and laugh so no one can tell they are fillers. They give a natural and holistic beauty. These dynamic fillers are applied in Op. Dr.Sema Özden’s clinic.

2022 Lip Filler Prices: 

As mentioned above, the price of lip fillers are determined by the quality of the fillers and the filler injection amount needed. We use Juverderm and Teosyal products in our clinic which are the most popular and highest quality ones worldwide. The costs are set per injections. You can get more detailed infomation during consultation. For an appointment please call us on +90 530 946 03 99

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