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Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover)

Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy Makeover)

Child birth is a condition that causes severe deformations in the female body which are more pronounced in advanced age pregnancies as it becomes harder for the skin to recover itself.

We can plan aesthetic operations for those mothers who notice deformities in their body after giving birth, are uncomfortable with their body appearance and who are unable to get back into a desired physical form with diets and sports, 3 to 6 months after they stop the child’s breastfeeding completely.

What can be planned?

  • Saggy and loose abdominal skin and abdominal muscles can be tightened
  • The caesarean section can also be corrected during this procedure
  • The excessive fat which cannot get rid of with diets and sports can be removed with liposuction, Laser or Vaser Liposis procedures.
  • Saggy and deformed breast tissue can be corrected and uplifted.
  • Saggy facial skin and pregnancy facial pigmentation changes can be corrected with facial skin refreshment procedures.
  • Botox sessions that have been interrupted due to pregnancy and breastfeeding can restart.
  • PRP and mesotherapies can be applied to the face or the hair to regain skin quality and to moisturize the skin.
  • If loose skin is formed on the arm and leg area and does not look like it could recover with sports then tightening operations can be planned out.
  • Breast tissue volume decreases caused by breastfeeding can be increased with prosthetics.

Operations can be done singular or combined. But of course the health of the patient will be taken into account first.

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