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Stopping time or even taking time back is now possible in 5 minutes.

Almost everyone has heard of ‘Botulium toxin’ (Botox). Contrary to the myth of it being a snake venom it actually is a synthetically produced bacteria exotoxin.

ıt works by interrupting the communication between the nerves and the muscles and (since the Botox is applied to the mimic muscles) prevents or weakens the mimic muscles. If we bear in mind that the reason why we get lines is because of our mimic muscle movements then once we reduce the mimics then we would eliminate the wrinkles. This is the fundamental logic of Botox.

According to the research made in America and all European countries, Botox is the most applied botulinum toxin procedure and its use is increasing day by day. As one lecturer once quoted;

“Botox is a magic wand in the hands of a plastic surgeon”

It is now possible to eliminate all wrinkles and tired, anxious, unhappy appearance and look natural and fresh with a very short and painless procedure. It is also one of my favourite ones which I apply to myself on a regular basis.

It is possible to look naturally younger and beautiful with Botox:

To know which muscle to insert and how many doses are needed requires expertise, experience and meticulous planning. I love working with Botox to achieve an excellent natural result. One month after application people should be telling you; “You look different. There is a different beauty and freshness about you. What is it?” Expressionless, frozen faces and looks are outside of my aesthetic understanding.

Does Botox have any side effects?

Botox is a very sensitive application that requires expertise and experience in anatomy and physiology. In other words, not everyone who can hold a needle can apply Botox. In actual fact in the wrong hands Botox application can have adverse results. These can be; eyelid drop due to wrong muscle injection, extremely expressionless (mask) face, cross eyed look and so on. The consolation to these is that the effects of Botox are only temporary so the side effects disappear by themselves eventually. Eyedrops may also be used for recovery. Another side effect is bruising at the applied areas which go away in a few days completely.

Botox is used for:

  • Reducing horizontal forehead lines
  • Raising eyebrows
  • Eliminating crow’s feet
  • Eliminating vertical lines between the brows
  • Reducing upper lip vertical thin cigarette lines
  • To lift up mouth corners
  • To correct too much gum showing when laughing
  • To give a slight nose lift
  •  To reduce vertical lines on the neck
  • To lighten muscular structures that cause vertical lines on the neck
  • To treat excessive sweating of underarms, hands and feet
  • To treat migraine

Can I look 10 years younger with Botox?

Most definitely!

I will give you a mirror in your hand and together we will examine how your skin looks genetically, how you have looked after your skin, how worn out you are, whether the wrinkles are static or dynamic, if sagging has started, whether the brows has sagged and if they have by how much, if there are any blemishes and whether ıt is shiny or mat.

The solutions are completely in our hands but a detailed examination and planning is a must.

When you arrive at the clinic we will formulate a plan according to your budget, time and needs and restore your youthfulness and skin quality structure. The procedure results can also be assisted with Mesotherapies, laser or dermapen treatments. When these are using in combination on a regular basis the fresh youthful appearance can be maintained for a very long time.

Individual Botox areas:

Forehead Botox: It is applied to eliminate the horizontal lines seen on the forehead. Here, the eyebrows, the eyelid positions, hair scalp line and forehead muscles positions are taken into consideration and Botox is applied to your specific requirements.  Combined treatments may be recommended according to the condition of the lines.

Botox between the eyebrow areas: The lines between the eyebrows make you look angry and appear hard. Botox to this area achieves excellent results in eliminating these problems. However, in some cases these lines may be set deep. In these situations additional treatments may be recommended.

Eye area Botox: The lines formed around the eyes when we laugh are called “crow’s feet”. In time these lines can make us appear older and constantly tired. Applying Botox to this area will again, give you a complete fresh look. Combined treatments may be recommended if the lines are set too deep.

Lip Botox: The lines seen above and below the lips are called “cigarette lines” and are often seen in smokers. However smoking is not the only cause of this. It is possible to reduce these lines with Botox.  Lip Botox doses are different from the other Botox application areas. Combined treatments may be recommended if the lines are set too deep. Corners of the mouth can also be uplifted during ths procedure to eliminate sad and older looking appearances

Jaw Botox: This procedure is used for the elimination of the horizontal lines seen on the jaw area with excellent high results.  Combined treatments may be recommended if the lines are set too deep

Nose Botox: It is possible to tilt the tip of the nose slightly upward. However Botox is not an alternative procedure for uplifting the nose tip if it has dropped down too much.

Neck Botox: Neck Botox is used to reduce the horizontal necklines or for the reduction of banded muscular structures extending in vertical columns. Combined treatments may be recommended if the lines are set too deep

Gingival (gum) Botox: Botox is applied to the gums for a more aesthetic appearance for those patients whose gums show too much while laughing.

Migraine Botox: Botox is applied in the migraine points of the patient to prevent pain.

Eyebrow and mouth corners uplift: The tail sections of the eyebrows (the last 1/3 luxurious parts) and the corners of the mouth being slightly upwards is often desired for more attractiveness. These can be achieved very easily with slight Botox.

How long will the effects of the Botox last?

The effect duration of Botox depends on its quality, its dilution method, whether it is used immediately or not, the areas it is used for (area muscle power) and individual factors of the patient. The mean data shows Botox effect duration to last around six months. However this 6 month duration is the accepted time limit for the complete end of the Botox effect whereas Botox is maximally effective 1 month after the procedure- losing its effectiveness daily thereafter. You will start using your mimic muscles gradually by the 2nd month. By the 6th month you will almost return to the first day before application.

Will I look worse and older if I don’t have Botox?

Not at all. If you don’t repeat the procedure you will look just the same as you did before the Botox procedure but you may feel that is so because you would have gotten used to having a fresher, youthful and shiny skin due to Botox.

Will I have an expressionless mask face?

Never. I apply Botox to theatre and cinema artists and they just look natural and fresh without losing their mimics.  I like natural implementation and capturing natural appearance in Botox. I never prefer applying it in a manner which will result in mask face appearance.

Botox application in our clinic and application after:

  • During your consultation and as we go over your medical history we will chat a little – at which time I will also observe your mimic muscles and expressions.. Then I will give you a mirror and show you the mimics you use the most, show you the existing asymmetries of your face and where the Botox needs to be applied. At this stage I will also explain the results we will also achieve.
  • The Botox application areas are marked and anaesthetic creams are applied to the marked areas waiting 15 minutes for the numbness to set in for a painless and more comfortable process application.
  • When the 15 minutes are up we apply the freshly prepared Botox to the marked areas in specific doses.
  • The procedure lasts 5-6 minutes.
  • You can return to daily routine immediately.
  • You will be asked to do lots of mimicking movements as shown to you for up to 2 hours after your procedure.
  • You will be asked not to massage the Botox areas for up to 2 hours after your procedure.
  • You will be asked not to lie flat for at least 2 hours after your procedure.
  • You will be asked not to bend your head down but as if you were looking ahead for at least 2 hours after your procedure.
  • You will be able to apply makeup immediately after your procedure.

2022 Botox Prices:

Botox prices vary depending on the application area, the dosage to be used, the gender of the patient as muscle density is higher in men and their application areas are different to women and  the make of the Botox (we only use disport UK gen and French, Allergan Botoxes and dilute it as directed). We never use Botox materials which are unregulated, does not have a brand or kept waiting, which means you will get your monies worth completely.

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