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Under Eye Light Filling

Under Eye Light Filling

Let your complexion shine again…

Light fill is a mesotherapy method consisting of rich and cross linked hyaluronic acid which helps to regain the moisture of the cheeks, around the eyes, neck, hands and upper chest areas. ıt restructures the collagen lost over time, moisturising the skin and putting a shine to it as if you were in your 20’s. It is a very effective method which I also apply to myself on a regular basis. Of course, the hyaluronic acid filler brand used here is very important and as in all other procedures I only use FDA approved and single Class 3 injectable approved products in my clinic.

Can I have Light Filler Treatment?

Light filler is an application which must be applied on regular basis by those who have the beginning of fine lines, loss of skin moisture and shine. It is often suitable for all individuals over the age of 30 and sessions vary according to skin requirements and intensity.

How long will the application take?

This will depend on the application area. However you will be a guest at our clinic for at least 15 to 30 minutes during which we will apply anaesthetic cream to procedure areas and complete the procedure with a quick application.  This procedure is almost painless.

How will I look afterwards?

Contrary to the statements made on the internet you will be able to go back to your daily routine immediately.  At first you will have slight swellings on your face as if stung by a bee and these will disappear in 1 day completely.  In most cases these tiny swellings disappear immediately. However we say within a day so that we cover all eventualities for the patient to plan their day accordingly. I usually call these applications “the weekend procedures” as they are often implemented on Friday or Saturday evenings starting the week with beautifully coloured skin filled with a radiant shine.

What can I combine it with to make the effects permanent?

Light fillers can be combined with lasers, dermapen or dermarol. I call these procedures ‘driving the land” and “land irrigating” for the laser filler procedures. When these procedures are combined the results are more efficient and longer lasting. After the sessions we will recommend you to use hyaluronic acid laser filler products at home. These products can be obtained from our clinic.

2022 Light Filler Prices:

Prices vary depending on the quality of the material used, the application area and the number of sessions. 

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