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Post Bariatric Surgery

Post Bariatric Surgery

Hello to a new body.

Post bariatric surgery is the last stage of a long and fun journey that begins with rapid weight loss after bariatric surgery. More than 200,000 bariatric patients refer to plastic surgeons to get their new bodies every year. These patient groups require more attention, information and experience than others because even though they seem to have overcome underlying diseases they may still have hidden diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders, lung diseases, anaemia, clotting disorders, eating habits irregularity and associated protein, vitamins and minerals imbalances. I thoroughly investigate these risks and take all necessary precautions before planning the patient’s surgery.

When should post bariatric surgery be done?

We can plan the surgery 12 months after the bariatric surgery at the earliest. However based on my previous experiences I find that I carry out the majority of the surgeries between 12-18 months periods. . Our most important criteria in relation to implementing the surgery is that the patient has reached the targeted kilo and has remained in that kilo for three months.  In fact if our patient BMI is 30 or below they are considered the ideal candidate for post bariatric surgery.

Which operation should be done first?

I plan my surgeries by prioritising the areas the patient is concerned with the most. However if multiple  area needs to be corrected in one session in terms of patient health, healing stage and the scarring  I find it more appropriate to discuss the surgical plan with the patient.

Combined surgery or multi sessional surgery?

They both have advantages and disadvantages. I discuss each issue with my patient and we formulate the most appropriate action plan together.

When would I get better?

The recovery time for individual and combined surgeries are in fact very similar so the chances of you returning to normal life within a week is very high.  However healing time differs from each patient and the most decisive factor of the recovery time depends on the patients’ health and psychology. My personal observation is that the healing process of post bariatric patients is very quick and almost painless if their morale and motivation is high.

What should be given attention to when getting prepared for the operation?

  • Smoking must be stopped at least two weeks before the operation.
  •  Time must be made for carrying out detailed tests, consultations and final assessments to be carried out in the hospital.
  • Certain medications and types of food/drinks such as blood thinners, pain killers, herbal teas and vitamins/minerals we ask you to stop taking must be adhered to.
  • Certain drugs must be taken 1-2 days before specialised operations.

Finally I would like to add that post bariatric surgery entails detailed examination, planning and expertise. As always our aim is to achieve a natural body appearance with the most accurate procedure planning.

Post Bariatric Surgery 2022 Prices

These operations can be performed in multiple sessions or as a single one. This completely depends on the health of the patient and their requirements. Of course, the cost of the operation varies and is based on the type of the operation carried out, the days stayed in the hospital as an inpatient and the equipment (extra vaser, laser use etc) used. The hospital selected for the hospital also plays an important role in relation to the cost of the operation.

I strongly recommend you to have consultation for accurate and healthy price information.

If you wish, you can obtain information from our +90 530 946 03 99 telephone number or by filling the contact form

Wishing you healthy and happy days

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