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Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen Treatment

Meet the miracle pen in skin renewal !

Dermapen skin rejuvenation system is a microinjecting system based on American origin, FDA approved skin micro channel opening principle. It has 9900-13200 micro channel opening features per minute.As I have with all the other products I use in my clinic I will also talk about the originality of this product- but there are also products of the same name of Far East origin which is poor quality, the benefits of which can be disputed and are of imitation.

Dermapen is more efficient then fractional laser, chemical peeling and IPL treatments used for skin quality enhancement, collagen synthesis, skin shine and tightening because it allows the penetration of mesotherapy solutions through the micro channels it opens. Also, when the acquisition/cost ratio is examined it provides the patient with the highest satisfaction levels.

Dermapen has recently been voted the best skin rejuvenation system in America.

Demapen is an ablative, minimal invasive treatment option. With the help of the original micro needles penetrating the skins top layer at 90 degree angle full thickness microchannels are opened and through these channels PRP, salmon DNA, vitamins, minerals, lifting solutions, blemish openers and  all other requirements are given. This procedure penetrates the skin to lower layers and increases the effectiveness of the mesotherapy by two fold. This method also stimulates the collagen which is no longer produced and the unhealthy and worn out collagen and elastin synthesis by the controlled trauma it creates thus allowing two treatments in one procedure.

Thanks to the automatic and vibrating micro-needle system, pain sensation is reduced and epidermal damage is minimized.

Thanks to the adjustment system on the Dermapen, the depths of the microchannels can be adjusted according to the application area and the application depth target.

It is completely hygienic, is of a single use in compliance to patient treatment specification, disposable heads from sterile packages are used.

What is Dermapen used for?

  • Skin rejuvenation- Recommended to women and men over the age of 30 to be applied yearly.
  • Pore tightening
  • Reducing acne scars
  • Sun, smoking, etc damaged skin
  • On the fine lines formed on face, neck, upper chest, hands and around eye and mouth sections.
  • Treatment of purple circles around the eyes.
  • Blemishes
  • Stretch marks
  • Deep wrinkle treatment

How many sessions is Dermapen application?

  • Minimum 5 sessions at 2 weekly intervals for face area.
  • 7-10 sessions a week apart for body

How long does each procedure last?

Procedure takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on application area, additional treatment requirement and the skin quality. It is possible to return to daily routine immediately after. There may be slight redness on application area.

How is it applied?

  • Local anaesthetic cream is applied to face and waited to take effect.
  • The skin is thoroughly cleansed and purified with special solutions for application to begin
  • According to face or other application areas the depth differences and passages are calculated and planned.
  • If mesotherapy is also to be applied in the same session special solutions or PRP is prepared to your specific treatment requirement.
  • The procedure is completed as Dermapen application + mesotherapy application
  • After these applications a special soothing mask is applied to your skin and with the mask application still on you are taken to rest for a while.

The procedure is that simple.

What about post procedure?

  • You will use the continuations creams recommended to you.
  • You will avoid the sun and use sun creams
  • You will not wash your face for12-24 hours.

2022 Dermapen prices.

Dermapen prices depends on procedure area, additional treatment requirement and skin needs. For details of our reductions or for an appointment please ring us on +90 530 946 03 99

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