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Labioplasty Minor- Major Aesthetic

Labioplasty operations are one of the most common operations applied for women and is one of the most frequent ones I perform. These operations are carried out to correct enlarged, loose and un-shapely inner lips – reducing the inner lips- labium reductions (Labioplasty minor aesthetics) or enlarging the underdeveloped outer lips (Labioplasty major aesthetics)

Labioplasty Minor (Inner Lip Aesthetics)

What is the normal structure of the small lips?

The small lips (Labium minor) is a thin, wet skin that is covered by the large lips and which closes the vaginal entrance.  These skin folds which cover the clitoris becomes thinner at the top and the bottom sections.  In actual fact, it is a wet skin cover which when viewed from the front is covered by the large lips and is hardly noticeable from the outside.

Why does the inner lip structure become deformed? Does it cause any health issues?

Inner lip structure may become deformed with frequent pregnancies, multiple births, excessive weight gain or loss, past traumas and due to structural and genetic factors and may result in un-shapely and asymmetric inner lips, their enlargement and sagginessWhen this happens the first anxiety is its non-aesthetic appearance but it also causes health issues after a while.  The most frequent of these are the easy and frequent susceptibility to infections, pain or lack of pleasure during intercourse, hygiene problems, discomfort, tenderness and inability to wear tight clothing.

The solution is very simple!!!

All married or unmarried women can easily get rid of these problems with a simple intervention that can be done under local anaesthesia in half an hour to forty-five minutes. We can even do other genital aesthetic procedures at the same time too.  Our goal here is to reshape the inner lips so that they are minimised and are not overflowing the outer lips.

Things to know about this operation:

  • This operation does not harm the hymen
  • It does not prevent pregnancies or births
  • It does not cause urinary incontinence
  • It does not affect sexual life
  • It does not cause any toilet related problems
  • Often the inner lips are bigger and the outer ones smaller. This can also be  corrected at the same time.

Labioplasyi Major (Large outer lips) Aesthetic

The most common aesthetic problem encountered in outer lips is their development and volume deficiency. This condition is often from birth, can affect the sex life negatively and can lead to loss of self-confidence. It is possible to get a normal appearance with a simple operation done in the clinic.

What about large lip aesthetic operations?

The most popular method in large lip development and volume insufficiency is by adding volume and reshaping them using your own fat and re-covering the inner lips again.The operation can be done under local anaesthesia and takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The area where the fat is removed from is dressed and bandaged for 5 days but no closed bandaging is applied to the large lips. The outer lips will be bruised and swollen for the first 3-4 days and will go down to normal volumes gradually.  As with other fat injections one session may not be enough and a few more may be needed. However the results are life long lasting. There must at least be a 3 month gap between each session application. Small lip reshaping can also be carried out at the same time as this.

Post op:

You can go home immediately as no hospital stay is required.  There may be swelling and slight pain for the first 3-4 days and lots of rest may be needed.  However you will not restrict your daily routine. From the fourth day onwards it will be as if you never had an operation and will be in more comfort. The stitching will dissolve in 15 days. You can go to toilet and have a bath on the same day. You do not need closed dressing and the using the disinfecting solutions for cleansing and the antibiotic creams given will be sufficient. Basic painkillers will get rid of any slight pains and swellings. You will not be able tell you have had an operation within a month of the procedure. You can return to sexual activities one month after the procedure.

2022 Labioplasty Prices:

The price of this procedure varies according to the size of the operation, the need for combined treatment, the type of anaesthesia to be used and the hospital where the operation will be carried out. For 2022 reduction prices please call us on +90 530 946 03 99 for an appointment.

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