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It is now so much easier to look younger than our age…

From the age of 30 our skin begins to wear out, collagen and elastin layers deteriorates, becomes matt, dehydrated and fine lines begin to appear. These early aging signs show us older than our ages during the course of time and also give us constantly tired and an unhealthy appearance. Today we live in an era where we can be “younger than our age” and “grow old late” this is now possible with my special mesotherapy cures.

The meaning of mesotherapy is “the process of giving vitamins, minerals, amino acids and root cells to the worn out areas externally via the middle layer of the skin called dermis. Mesotherapy is implemented to bring back skin shine, to rejunivate the skin, to soften the skin and to prevent early aging.

Where do we start skin care from?

During my chats with the patients what I often encounter is that they are all aware they have lost their healthy skin glow but did not know how to express it. Often, patients of my age group come to me for wrinkle treatment or rejuvenation procedures but they do not know where or how to start this.

In these situations I tell them “Think of your skin as a soil that has lost its efficiency and productivity. What we need to do is work the soil first. We can do this with fractional lasers, dermarollers or dermapens.  The next step is to irrigate the land and this is the moisture or light fillers. We also need to fertilise the land. This is mesotherapy containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, salmon DNA. Finally we have to add flower exhilarant which is the PRP”. If we do all these at the right times and to the required amounts our skin can glow, be soft and have vitality just as before. Depending on the skin condition only some or all of these treatments may be necessary. This will be determined at the time of the consultation.

Mesotherapy products:

There are many types of mesotherapy products on the market today. Some of these are very high quality and some are not good for human health or is poor quality. I only use products that are approved by the FDA and Ministry of Health and which are Class 3 injectable compatible, can be mixed with each other and which does not give allergic reactions at all.

How many sessions of mesotherapy will be needed?

Our skin is our largest organ and wears down quickly due to external factors such as the sun, wind, cold air and cigarettes. The number of sessions are determined during the consultation stage and often vary between 3-5 sessions.  However, based on my observations of the surveys carried out in the leading clinics of Switzerland these may extent to 7- 10 sessions.  During the consultation we will decide together as to how many sessions will be needed and what applications will be made in each session.

What will form the mesotherapy sessions?

In accordance to your requirements we will add light fillers, vitamins, and mineral supports, tightening and lifting supports, salmon DNA to the sessions.

I prepare these mixtures myself to your specific requirements as I believe this cocktail should be special to the person. I also add PRP to these sessions.

Which areas can mesotherapy be applied on?

Our skin is our largest organ and is influenced by external factors with the face being the most exposed area followed by the neck decollates areas and hands. Mesotherapy can be applied to these areas and on the areas where there is cellulite and loose body regions with excellent results.

What is the average duration of a session? 

We start the procedure by applying local anaesthetic cream and waiting for ten minutes. We then plan the procedure and its implementation. The session duration varies according to the procedure area and lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Can I go back to my daily routine immediately after my mesotharpy?

First of all, there will be slight redness and swellings on the application areas which will last 15 minutes to a day depending on the structure of the skin. This is always reminded to the patients so that they can plan their day according to this. These procedures are every simple and are “outpatient” procedures however no matter how minor the detail, it is always my principle to inform the patients in full so that they can plan their social lives in line with the knowledge provided. . I usually call these applications “the weekend procedures” as they are often implemented on Friday or Saturday evenings so the patients can socialise and start work on Monday with beautifully coloured skin filled with a radiant glow.

2022 mesotherapy prices:

Prices vary according to application areas and the sessions needed. To find out about our discount prices call us immediately on our +90 530 946 03 99 number for appointment.

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