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Fat Injections

Fat Injections

Stem cell enriched fat ınjections – Nano technology microinjection fat transfer

Become young with your own fat.

Stem cell enriched fat injections (liposuction) is a procedure  used for volume gain, reduction or elimination of lines and  to create the rejuvenation effect by  filling and refreshing the problem areas with the removal of fats taken from the body which   undergo specific process before being injected back.

Which areas are performed on the most?

The most common areas are the face area; filling nasolabial lines, under eyes, tear trough, sunken cheek areas and cheekbones and to define the jaw point

In the body it is used for penis enlargement, genital areas of the women, labium enlargement, breast enlargement, buttock defining and correction of deficiencies/ curvatures of the legs.

Other areas it can be used on to correct the deformities of sunken areas (with volume adding) and bad scarring caused by previous operations, accidents and birth deformities.

What are the differences between ready to use hyaluronic acid fillings and the Stem cell enriched fat injections?

Stem cell enriched fat injections has many advantages over hyaluronic acid fillings. Some of these are:

  • As it is your own fat there is no risk of an allergic reaction
  • As it is rich in stem cells it adds volume
  • It  refreshes and  rejuvenates the areas
  • It is lifelong permanent
  • Its complete removal is possible.


Advantages of hyaluronic acid fillings:

  • As it comes ready to be applied to the area no additional procedures are required.
  • . As much volume as wanted can be given in one session. It is possible for this volume to function in the area for around a year.


Which areas are Fat Cells obtained from?

These fats are usually taken from the abdominal region, inner thighs, knees and buttock areas. However it is possible to obtain fat cells from any part of the body where there is fat content.




How long does stem cell enriched fat injections last?

Once the injected fat cells began protecting their vitality in the inserted area they become permanent for life. However it is not always possible to retain all of the fat cells injected into the area. It is not possible for us to know in advance how much will remain or how much of the fat cell will live. ın some cases it may be necessary to repeat the operation to achieve the desired result. Around 30- 40 % of the transferred fat stays permanent after 6 months. It has been scientifically proven that injection of more fat into the area does not increase the number of living cells and may even cause undesirable results. For this reason it may be necessary to repeat the fat transfer several times in order to achieve the desired result.

What does the permanency of a fat transfer depend on?

The permanency of the procedure depends on;

  1. The technique used
  2. Mobility of the body area to be treated.


  1. Technique used: The surgical instruments used must be specifically manufactured as sensitive devices solely for the purpose of removal and injection of enriched fat from the stem cells, the method of fat obtainment and delivery, the meticulous works during the various fat process procedures are the main technical factors for the permanency of the operation. The use of specially prepared surgical instruments and removal of enriched fat cells from living root cells with proper preparation technique also increases the rate of permanence success.
  2. Body area: Unfortunately, the same success cannot be achieved from all body areas. The chances of success are more in immobile areas as opposed to the ones which are mobile. ıt is even more less in mucous areas such as lips and genital sections. For example, fat injections to cheek areas are more successful in a session then those of lips due to their mucosal content and high movement rate. Again, whilst the fat cells in the breast area can hold the ones in the legs have difficulty to do so due the area high movement rate. Because of this it may be necessary to repeat the operation several times in order to achieve good results lasting a lifetime


How is the procedure done?

I prefer to do the entire procedure under local anaesthesia if the amount of fat to be removed is little (i.e. if 20-30 cc fat is to be prepared for the face area). This means the patient is discharged on the same day and returns to daily routine immediately. General anaesthesia is used for larger volumes required for areas such as breasts, buttocks and legs. The operation lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes (in large volumes this duration extends to 1.5 hours) and is completed in four phases as follows:

  • The procedure starts with an injection of a specially blended serum to the fat donor site and waiting a while for it to settle. The serum content is comprised of aesthetic agents and vasoconstrictor materials (for pain prevention during the operation, smooth removal of the fats without breaking them, and for the prevention of post op bruising and swelling).
  • The fat is removed using special tipped and low pressure injectors, liposuction techniques and manufactured cannulas. (My personal approach here is to take the fat cells in their purest form without breaking them. These details, as I have mentioned above, have a very positive effect on the result of the fat injection)
  • Local anaesthesia is applied to the receiving area while the fat is purified with special techniques and devices and enriched with root cells. (At this stage I also apply sedation anaesthesia to increase post op comfort)
  • The processed fats are injected into the operation areas with special techniques and special bands are applied to restrict movements.

What should I expect after fat injection operation?

There will be no scarring on the areas where the fat is removed or where the cells are injected back in. The operated area may swell for 3-5 days or for a longer period depending on the fat volume given. These swellings will start to go down in about a week and you will start seeing the results of the operation in about a month.  However, the fat amounts will dissolve in a period of six months and the final results will then become visible. There will be no changes or reductions in the fat which continue to live on after 6 months.

Nanotechnology-Micro Fat Injections

Nano technology Micro fat injections provide rejuvenation and youth fullness with root cell enriched fat injections. The goal here is to fine the wrinkles of the face area and to refresh the skin. Fine facial wrinkles, the lines on the forehead, eye frames, between the brows and above upper lips can be successfully treated. Nanotechnology fat injections are different from normal fat injection procedure techniques as with this procedure the fat obtained is finer than other techniques and are made even finer with special techniques to enable its passage through extremely fine needles. In micro fat injection method, only a small amount of fat is needed to be applied to the treated area. Also, as it is with other techniques the procedure may need to be repeated several times for better lasting results.

Root cell enriched fat injection and nanotechnology fat injection prices

The most important factors which determine the cost of fat injections are the number of treatment areas and the amount of volume needed. The price for fat injections applied to the face also differs according the procedure area. For example the price for fat injection to nasolabial area is different to that of full face procedure. Similarly, the price for large volume fat injection areas such as chest, buttocks also varies depending on the areas of the fat to be removed and to be injected into and also the volume of the fat to be transferred.

You will need to be examined for operation costs specifically tailored to your requirements.

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