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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Let’s Vitalize Your Hair

The hair is the crown of our beauty. Thick, vibrant and shiny hair is also an indication of our health.

Does your hair fall out?  Is it dull and lifeless? Does your hair split easily? If so, don’t worry about any of these anymore. You can now overcome these problems quite easily with mesotherapy. With mesotherapy sessions not only will your hair strengthen, it will also be vitalized and shine beautifully. Hairsplitting will also be prevented.

Why Does Hair Fall Out? Is There A Cure For This?
Our hair may become weak and loose its vitality due to hormonal factors, anaemia, some vitamin deficiencies and illnesses or due to genetic characteristics over a period of time. Patients who refer to me for such complaints initially undergo a set of medical tests in order to determine its underlying causes. At the same time I also start apply mesotherapy sessions in order to save, strengthen and vitalize the existing hair.

Is Using Shampoo/Hair Lotion or Drinking Vitamins Sufficient?
Even though these types of surface applied or orally taken supports are very important, unfortunately it is not adequate and cannot replace hair mesotherapy whatsoever.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?
Hair mesothearpy sessions begin with applying local anaesthetic creams to the scalp. Then the mesotherapy mixture that is prepared specifically to your needs are applied into the scalp through special tips or via a dermapen. The session is concluded with a light message to the scalp.

How Long Does Hair Mesotherapy Last?
Each session lasts 15-20 minutes and you can go back to your daily routine immediately.

When Do I Start Seeing The Results of Hair Mesotherapy?
You can see the results immediately after the mesothearpy session. In fact, the effects of the hair mesotherapy will become visible to the eye after the 2nd and the 3rd sessions when  the hair fall out would have stopped, new hair would begin to grow and the hair would strengthen in general.

Mesotherapy after Hair Transplantation.
Mesotherapy after hair transplantation allows the transplanted hair roots a rapid adaptation to their new places. When done in regular sessions, more positive transplantation results are achieved, the roots are strengthened and hair vitality is increased.

How Many Sessions Is Hair Mesotherapy?
An average of 5 to 10 sessions with 15 day intervals between each session application.

Can PRP Be Applied in Hair Mesotherapy?
Of course. Just as some hair nourishment, root strengthening vitamins and elements are given in mesotherapy, PRP procedure can also be applied. We will prepare these according to your needs and the condition of your hair.

2022 Hair Mesotherapy Prices
Hair Mesotherapy prices are individually set and is based on your specific needs and the number of required sessions. For detailed information and to book an appointment please call us on +90 530 946 03 99

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